Saturday, January 23, 2016

January So Far

January is almost over and its hard to believe!

So lets go back in time a bit  

On January 10 I had my first tumbling competition of the season and I had come second place first place person had beaten me by .500 , I had the score of 56.00 and she had 56.500. SO CLOSE!
I had my mom and her boyfriend and my (new) Boyfriend Jared 

A few days later we had a snow storm and at work we only had the max of 5 kids at the daycare over the course of the day so we spent the day outside, We built a snow fort and we even ate afternoon snack in it! oh and didn't have nap-time either... oops 

This is still standing!

Just last week my competitive cheerleading girls got their new uniforms and their music to their routines it was like Christmas all over again ! The were very excited along with myself . 
Their first competition is February 6th and 7th , very VERY soon!

Over all January has been very good to me minus having this weird head cold thing for almost 2 weeks which kept me from going to the gym . Now im back on the gym bend again. I have managed to be able to run 5km in 46:38 ! first time running 5km. 
In June mom and I are going to run a race called Sole Sisters  its a 5km race just for woman. Pretty excited ! 

That is all for now, Till next time !

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